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Travel Hack Club - About

What's this all about?

Hey everyone, I've started this blog because I love to travel and I love to find a good deal which in turn helps fund more travel.

Usually finding a great deal requires a ton of research, but more recently I've been using reward points such as credit card bonuses to help fund my trips. I started to collect points about a year ago, but have only gotten serious about it in the last six or seven months. Thanks to this though, I've already been able to afford amazing trips and am planning many more.

What content will you include?

This blog will highlight any decent travel related deals I can find, including cheap flights, great hotel reward redemptions and offers to help you collect points, along with some hotel reviews and recommendations.

I've been following a lot of similar blogs to this one, but most are either US based or focus on business class and high end hotel redemptions. Expect economy only deals for flights, as this blog is about keeping it cheap (unless a business class deal is amazingly good!).

My friends and colleagues are often asking how I get to travel so often and I've been sharing the knowledge with them, so I thought I'd share that knowledge with a wider audience.

I'll try and keep posts short and to the point.

That's it for now. Expect some posts soon!