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IHG PointBreak Map (Now Updated)

Recently I created a map to show all IHG PointBreak properties up for grabs as I don't find a long list of hotels very intuitive. Now that the promotion has been running for some time, a lot of the properties have been snatched up.

So I thought I would update the map to reflect the current listings. You can see the map below. There is a button to open the map in a new tab in the top right corner and you can zoom in/out with the controls in the bottom left.

As you can see, most of Europe is sold out already (although it was very slim pickings to begin with) besides HI Antalya - Lara, Turkey and HI Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The key for the map below is:
Blue Icon = Still up for grabs. Red Icon = Unavailable.

I've always found it quite tricky to spot the hotels I'm interested in when IHG release the fairly long list of hotels every few months, but having it visualised helps me to plan trips. You can also deselect the sold out hotels from the menu on the left.